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topic posted Fri, October 7, 2005 - 11:27 AM by  Milo
Does anyone remember this? I seem to have this odd notion that our favorite watch company made cool watches with a pager/beeper function built in . This would have been around 1993-95... I haven;t been able to find much about it. Am I just krazy?
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    Sun, October 9, 2005 - 7:06 PM
    Hi Milo,

    Here's a link with an image, but the text is not English:

    and another:

    At the swatchforum site, they mention that 1997 saw the Swatch the beat model go midi, meaning that's the year the wrist pager was a bit smaller. No pix however:

    I have great pictures, but they're in the club binders and old club newsletters. This product wasn't really a success, but it certainly bought some marketing buzz for the brand. Those of us working for the company at the time kind of dreaded seeing it released in the U.S, since Swatch didn't really seem to be interested in playing well with other companies when they had to partner the way you would need a service provider for this product.

    In 1999, it was handled well for the US market with the Beat Box, a round pager, but not a wrist pager. The service was included, and 1000 pages, but the product was not a success. I had one in blue and one in the red orange. They worked just fine, but they were obsolete when they were born, since cell phone pricing was coming down at the time.

    Here's a tiny blurb from Wired then. Scroll to "Easter Egg":

    Your odd notion is right on. I cut and pasted the links in about five seconds, let me know if there are errors or if you need more info. might have some old ones for sale if you want, and of course, eBay...

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    Mon, December 11, 2006 - 10:41 AM
    you are definately not crazy Swatch the beep is not a myth i have just found one in my attic fully boxed although the paging sysytem that it used is probably no longer up and running it is a fantastic piece and i'm sure any collector would be happy to have it in their collection
    e-mail if you want any pics etc

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